The Best Agile tool

Flexible processes should also be supported by some tools to make life easier for the team involved in the project.

One of the biggest challenges that teams with a flexible process face is when they are deployed.

The GitScrum tool is designed to facilitate the adoption of Scrum by distributed groups, supporting project planning and control. Scrum is a project management structure that conforms to flexible methods, implementing monitoring and feedback through quick and daily meetings with the whole team. Scrum also brings the idea of an iterative and incremental cycle.

Scrum, like other agile methodologies, emphasizes face-to-face iteration. However, due to the continued growth of remote teams, ScrumAlliance also recommends distributing Scrum, where the work is divided into parts between individual Scrum teams. Based on this, GitScrum was designed to support Scrum in distributed teams.

ScrumFire brings together a set of integrated group support applications that use Scrum as the basis for developing their projects, especially for remote groups.

The Best Agile tool
The Best Agile tool

GitScrum The Agile Tool

The GitScrum tool was developed based on the concepts of Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications (RIA), with an emphasis on usability for ease of use about this the Best Agile tool

Since this is a web-based tool, it can be accessed remotely through a browser.

The functions offered by this tool include: access control, user registration, project registration, creating work in progress items. Prioritizing work in progress items, creating sprints, matching work in progress items with sprints, creating tasks for a given work log item, distribution team member to perform this task.

Create a sprint table and product update schedule, register a task for a given journal item with estimates oh, effort and responsibility, obstacles linking obstacles to tasks or missed tasks.

In addition, the tool also allows you to remotely use the Planning Poker scoring method, which has multimedia features for scoring meetings using chat, video or text chat. Among other functions, we also have the ability to create test cases and error reports and manage them.

Other tools like ScrumFire include VersionOne, TargetProcess, ScrumWorks, and Agile for Scrum. Maybe the best agile tool also.

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The Best Agile tool
The Best Agile tool

The Best Agile tool for Project management support

The project management tool is considered the basis for the application of the software development process. Thus, it is a tool that should to a greater or lesser extent provide and guide the implementation of activities related to software development.

Project management tools are designed to support project planning, monitoring and control. Project managers and the development team can view the progress of the project using the graphs and measurements that the tool collects.

XPlanner is an open source web-based tool focused on agile software development, but isn’t the best agile tool. This is a simple tool, but with many important features especially used for development using the agile XP method.

In addition to focusing on a flexible environment and project management, XPlanner offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • open source code that allows you to change and adapt functions,
  • the ability to support management of several projects and distributed groups,
  • support for websites and official sites,
  • available in several languages,
  • the ability to integrate with various databases.

The tool works in planning and monitoring projects for teams. Xplanner is used in agile XP methods, but also in other successful agile methods. XPlanner has a simple planning model, support for storing and monitoring projects, iterations, user stories and tasks, tracking unfinished stories, sending notifications when distributing stories and tasks, online monitoring and generation.

Individual and team timesheets, generating individual and group speeds, generating an iteration speed graph, upload schedule, task distribution schedule, the ability to add notes to stories and tasks, view iteration estimates, export project data and iterations to XML, MPX in Microsoft Project and PDF- formats, as well as many other functions. The Best Agile Tool.

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